By: J.R. Foster


It's not hard to imagine that one of the top three expenses for any company is their facility operational costs. From exterior and interior maintenance, landscaping, janitorial to energy usage and beyond; one facility can run more than $250,0000 each year depending on building type, square footage and age of building. Deferred maintenance costs are at an all-time high at most facilities due to the improper maintenance and upkeep of the operational functions.

It is proven that outsourcing facility management to those that specialize in a cross-section of maintenance services increases the life of a property, lowers costs and drives down inherent risks. Here are the top 5 reasons why building owners, COOs, property managers and facilities directors should consider hiring a third-party facility management company:


1. INCREASES THE BOTTOM LINE: The Facility Management firm will implement a facility audit that will uncover all areas of risk, areas of improvement and what is or is not working well. The audit gives key leadership the knowledge to understand how to maximize value and minimize costs, increasing the bottom line.


2. EXPERTISE: A Facility Management firm will bring an entire team of specialists to every client engagement. The execution team is customize based on the type of facility, property mechanicals, size, age, and more. They can also bring expertise in and out of a property depending on need which is very hard for in-house management to do without bringing on additional employment costs.


3. PARTNERSHIPS: Facility Management firms draw from a deep pool of top vendors and subcontractors that are thoroughly vetted, reliable, and have the proper insurance and bonding to perform necessary work.


4. KEEPS KEY IN-HOUSE STAFF: Within many organizations, the operational staff is the first to take a hit as companies cut budgets. This developing trend puts the company’s operational efficiency at risk. The implementation of a third-party Facility Management firm can keep key staff in place, fill an operational gap and create an overall cost-savings model.


5. COMPANY IMAGE: Facility Management firms can create a symbiotic balance between the performance and appearance of a property and how that plays a role in employee retention, hiring and company perception.



Robert Louis Group is a certified Minority Business Enterprise that manages over 3 million square feet of office, medical and industrial facilities. We have streamlined our service model to handle over 40 trades by creating long-term relationships with local and regional vendors so we can offer our clients the most competitive rates and terms.